Whirlpool Made 29 Inch Electric Dryers

The information and videos in this page covers all the 29 inch electric dryers made by Whirlpool Corporation.

Whirlpool - Kenmore - Roper - Estate - Inglis - Kitchen Aid - Amana - Admiral - Maytag

Are you having troubles with your Whirlpool made 29 inch electric dryer and you would you like to fix it yourself, but you don’t know how?
If that is the case then you are in the right place.

My name is Angel Acevedo. I have been helping the residents of Worcester County with their washer & dryer problems for over 30 years. I have built the biggest collection of washer & dryer do it yourself repair videos in the internet and you could watch all the videos free of charge.

In these videos I will show you step by step how to diagnose the problem with your dryer. Then I show you how to check each part to determine which part is the one that need to be replace to get the dryer working properly again. After checking the parts I will show you how to remove them and how to install them properly.

Most people that try to fix their dryer spend more money that is necessary because they guess what part is bad and end up buying and replacing parts that have nothing to do with the problem with the dryer.I will show you what parts you need to check according to the complaint you have with the dryer. This way you buy and replace the parts that are bad.

Most of the repairs are very easy, all you have to do is to replace the right part to get the dryer working properly again.

Let me show you an example of how much you could save by doing the repairs yourself. Let’s say that your Whirlpool made 29 inch electric dryer suddenly stops working, in other words the dryer is dead.

When you call a repairman you will have to pay for a service call to come to the house and find out what is the problem with your dryer. The service call charge could be $80 The repairman finds out that the problem is a bad door switch.

Most repair companies charge 1 hour of labor even if it takes them less than that. An hour of labor could be $70 Then you have to pay full retail for their parts. The door switch could be $25 plus tax. If you had all the charges you finish paying about $175 for the repair.

That is almost half of the price of a new dryer. With my videos you could do the repair for the price of a new door switch that you could order online for less than $20.

You will feel good by saving all that money and proud of been able to do the repair yourself. When you do the repairs yourself you will prolong the life of the dryer and save hundreds of dollars. Well enough talk, if you are ready to see how the repairs are done, click on the link that correspond to the problem with the dryer and you will be taken to the page with all the corresponding videos.

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